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Transforming Lives
Through Discipleship

Fulfilling The Great Commission

Spiritual Growth

Yielding to Christ

Navigating Scripture

Community Connections

Traditional Church Practices

Research has revealed that church practices are failing to bridge the generation gap and reach those who are seeking. However, these people still seek an opportunity to engage in meaningful spiritual dialogue, finding approval, acceptance and connections.

Sync with God

The digital age has revealed millions of people that are more comfortable communicating online than in person. Sync with God uses technology and biblical content to connect believers, encourage dialogue and make disciples, regardless of their location.


Equip and empower missionaries for Christ.


Bring more disciples to God through community outreach, participation and interaction.


Build the Kingdom of Christ with an all-in-one platform that makes discipling others safe, effective and fun.


"Sync With God exponentially extends the ability of our church family to disciple well. Not only do we have the opportunity for face-to-face interaction, but it creates the perfect opportunity to live a Deuteronomy 6 life of discipleship and evangelism, daily interaction in Scripture, and relationships!"

Dan – Senior Pastor

"Sync 'encouraged and energized' Joe with their new discipleship platform. Joe said his team is looking forward to the new platform and online discipleship across generations."

Joe – Discipling Group Leader


More About Outreach

A significant body of research indicates that many prefer virtual engagement over face to face in the initiation of relationships. One study delivered by LivePerson, Inc. states Gen Z and Millennials are now more likely to communicate digitally than in person. In addition, significant portions of an older demographic find themselves isolated due to immobility or other circumstances. Opportunities exist for those who desire a discussion format over a sermon as well as for those seeking an opportunity to lead from their mature Biblical faith. The SYNC solution will encourage effective ministry outreach to each of these groups.

More About Community

Discipleship and evangelism are two important aspects of the Christian life, but they are not the same thing. Evangelism is the practice of sharing the gospel with others and inviting them to respond to God’s grace. Discipleship is the process of helping new believers grow in their faith and become more like Jesus. We are focused on bringing more disciples to God through community participation, discussion, and learning.

More About Technology

Following years of research and testing, Sync with God determined to pursue a suite of the minimum number of Commercially Developed Off the Shelf (COTS) Applications. This reduces the cost of ownership as well as to takes advantage of ongoing market driven improvements. The current configuration consists of a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) already utilized in corporate and educational markets. With this technology, the platform allows for the use of multiple Virtual Conferencing tools including, Zoom, WhatsApp, MS Teams, and Signal to name a few. SWG will also have several choices for imbedded Bible study tools available for Small Group use.