Are you ready to fulfill the dream God has designed for you?

When you were younger, what did you dream of becoming when you grew up? For some, it might have been becoming a famous celebrity, an athlete, a fireman, or a doctor. Unfortunately, at some point in life, many people stop dreaming or simply give up on their dream because it’s too hard to achieve. So, they settle for mediocrity rather than pursuing their passion. We need to have faith and believe that God’s design for our lives is much bigger than any dream we could have for ourselves, and we need to be ready to see His designs come to fruition.

Take the Israelites in the Old Testament as an example. After the people of Israel left Egypt, their dream was to enter the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey. However, because of their disobedience, God had them wonder in the wilderness for many years. Many of them gave up on the dream. But in Deuteronomy 1:7, Moses told Israel what God had spoken to them, “You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Break camp and advance…” In other words, stop hesitating and pursue the plan God has for you.

After Moses died, Joshua took over the mantle of leadership over Israel. Joshua was determined to fulfil the dream God planned for them. In Joshua 5, we see Israel right about to conquer Jericho, but before they did, God wanted them to be prepared for the work ahead. He desires the same for us today in the plans he wants us to accomplish. Let’s look at some lessons we can learn from this passage.

First of all, we see how God supplies his people with the preparation needed for the work ahead. God won’t just send us out without giving us the necessary preparation. Israel’s preparation included the renewing of the covenant of circumcision (5:2-9). As a sign of God’s covenant with Abraham, circumcision stood for Israel’s faith in God’s promises which included the possession of the land as their inheritance. It was an act of faith and spiritual preparation.

God prepares us through sacrifice or in sometimes through trials and tribulations that we would rather not endure. But God knows that if we are willing to go through the “fire,” we can be assured that God is going to use those hard times in our lives to bear fruit later in life. Our hearts will be ready when we have to go into battle.

Israel’s preparation also included the observance of the Passover together (5:10). As they remembered how they were protected in Egypt from the destroying angel, they were encouraged to believe God would be with them as they crossed the Jordan and battled the Canaanites. Someone once said,”Remembering the past became an excellent preparation of faith for the future.” In our lives today, what do we need to do to remind ourselves that God will be with us as we pursue the dreams in our hearts? 

Not only did God make sure the Israelites were prepared to go forward into the Promised Land, but he also showed them his providence for moving forward. In verse 11-12, they were able to eat of the produce of the land with the ceasing of manna. This helped them realized that God would always provide for them. Then in verses 13-15, while by the city of Jericho, Joshua came to encounter someone who called himself the Captain of the Lord’s armies. Commentators disagree about who this individual was, but many believe it was Jesus Christ. Joshua may have been the leader of Israel, but this Captain of the Lord’s armies was over even him.

Joshua needed this encounter so he might grasp afresh an important truth, that God would go with him and the nation of Israel as they went forward and pursued the dream he put in their hearts. It confirmed to Joshua and all Israel that God would fight for his people. Israel would not have to go alone into battle; God would fight with them and for them.

This can be seen through the drawn sword of the man who appeared to Joshua. Someone who has a ready weapon is either standing guard or standing ready to fight defensively or offensively. The scripture saysthat Joshua was a totally obedient servant and bowed down. Though Joshua was the human commander of the army of Israel, he had faith that God was the ultimate authority over both himself and Israel. Israel went on to see their dreams fulfilled in living in the Promised Land. What about you? What dreams has God laid on your heart that he wants you to accomplish. What is he telling you to do in regard to those dreams? Our prayer for you is that you will have the hope to carry on.