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Lesson 1: Restoring Your Relationships Through Christ

Lesson 1: Relationships
Inviting Reconcilliation Into Your Life


Introduction of Lesson 1: Relationships

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A lot of people are living a routine life. They go to class, maybe go to work, study and hang out with their friends. Then the next day they do it all over again. What if there was more to life than just these things? What if there was a bigger picture? God has an exceptional plan for you that is better than anything you can even imagine. This plan involves deeper relationships and deeper connections. God’s plan involves YOU. 

Over the next 5 weeks, we’re going to talk about how God actively works on your behalf. He wants you to experience a life with purpose. God provides you with people to come alongside you and guide you to live a life on mission. 

Don’t settle on living life in the routine. Step into the exciting, exceptional life God has called you to live.


Big Idea: We all experience broken relationships, but God’s bigger plan is reconciliation with others and Himself as an extension of love that we must choose for ourselves.

Introduction to Topic: 

We all need good relationships in our lives. Relationships provide us with a sense of acceptance and belonging. Good relationships give us encouragement and keep us accountable to doing the right things.


React to the Lesson


Learn more about what God wants for us in our relationships.


A Millennial Story

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Transcript: Millennial Story: Sarah and Jamie

Sarah is a college freshman moving in with her new roommate, Jamie. Sarah has chosen to major in psychology, and she knows Jamie is also a science major. She’s really excited to study with Jamie and maybe even become friends with her. They’ve been texting ever since they found out they’d be roommates, and Sarah thinks they would make very good friends. 

Sarah’s parents and younger sister are there to help her move in. When they walk in, Jamie is making her bed. Sarah introduces herself with a smile, but Jamie looks at them with a frown and then just keeps making her bed. Unsure of what to do, Sarah turns back to her family. They begin to unpack her things. 

When they’re finished setting up Sarah’s half of the room, they all say a teary goodbye. After Sarah’s family is gone, she plops onto her bed. Jamie is lying on her bed texting. Sarah thinks maybe Jamie is just shy, so she tries to talk to her again. Jamie rolls onto her side, turning her back toward Sarah.

Sarah is really confused and hurt by Jamie’s behavior. When they were texting before, it seemed like they would get along just fine. But ever since they met in person, Jamie has simply ignored her. Sarah hadn’t done anything wrong, so why was Jamie acting this way? 

Jamie gets up and leaves the room without saying a word. Sarah stays on her bed, checking Instagram, but a few minutes later, she gets hungry. She gets up and heads out to the cafeteria. When she gets there, she sees Jamie sitting at a table with two other girls. At this point, Sarah doesn’t feel like chasing someone who obviously doesn’t want anything to do with her, so Sarah sits down at a different table. 

After a few moments, she hears giggling and turns to see Jamie whispering something to the two girls. They giggle and look over at Sarah, quickly turning away when they see Sarah looking at them. Cheeks burning, Sarah gets up and goes back to her dorm room.

Not long after Sarah gets to the room, Jamie shows up.

The decision point: If you were in Sarah’s position, how would you handle the situation?

 Tell Jamie her actions are out of line and that you expect an apology.
 Ignore Jamie.
 Question Jamie. Ask her why she’s acting like this when they got along perfectly well when texting.
 Seek out one or both of the girls Jamie was sitting with and ask them about Jamie’s actions.


Gen Z

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Transcript: Gen Z Story: Mason and Thomas

Mason is a freshman in high school. It’s his first day in high school, and he’s excited to catch up with his friends. For the new school year, he got new shoes and a new backpack with his favorite video game on it. He can’t wait to show his friend, Thomas, because they both loved to play video games together in middle school. 

He walks down the hallway and sees Thomas talking with three other guys. Mason notices that Thomas looks different than he had the year before. He’s gotten taller and leaner, and instead of the graphic T-shirts and cargo shorts he used to wear, he’s now wearing a V-neck and tight black jeans. His hair is also shaved on the sides, and his shoes look like ones a YouTuber might endorse on their channel. 

As Mason walks closer, Thomas notices him but doesn’t say anything. Mason says hi, and Thomas returns the greeting. Mason stops for a moment, expecting Thomas to say goodbye to the other guys and walk with him to the gym, but he doesn’t. 

Mason continues to walk by them, and the four guys just keep watching him. Then, before Mason can react, Thomas sticks out his foot and trips Mason. He stumbles a bit and lands on his hands and feet. 

Standing up, Mason glares back at Thomas. Mason’s face is red, but Thomas’s is covered in the mask of mock surprise. 

“Oops, sorry,” Thomas says. 

Without another word, Mason walks away. He can hear the guys laughing behind him, and he hears Thomas say, “Did you see his dumb backpack? Man, that game is lame.” 

Mason feels confused and betrayed. He and Thomas had been such good friends just a few months ago. How had things changed so much in such little time? And why had Thomas suddenly changed so drastically and become so hostile? 

The decision point: If you were in Mason’s position, how would you handle the situation?

  Just avoid Thomas. Stay away from that negative energy.
 Stay neutral. Be nice if Thomas talks to him. Just keep a civil, neutral relationship with Thomas.
 Directly confront Thomas and ask him why he was so mean.


Bible Story



Transcript: Summary of Joseph’s story

Joseph was the youngest of twelve brothers. His father, Israel, loved Joseph more than his other brothers and gave him a special robe to show it. Joseph’s brothers hated him for this and couldn't act kindly toward him. Joseph was given two dreams from God where he was ruling over his brothers and they were bowing down to him. He told his dreams to his brothers and they hated him even more.  They threw Joseph into a cistern, ready to kill him, but sold him into slavery instead. He was purchased by Potiphar, captain of the guard for Pharaoh, the king of Egypt. The Lord helped Joseph and he succeeded in everything he did. He was put in charge of Potiphar’s household. After Potiphar’s wife falsely accused him of raping her, he spent two years in prison but became the chief jailer. Joseph had the opportunity to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. God gave him the interpretation he needed and Pharaoh appointed him as the Secretary of Agriculture, second in command in all of Egypt to save the nation from famine. Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt looking for food during that time. Joseph set up a series of tests to see if God had softened their hearts. Joseph revealed his identity and forgave his brothers of their cruelty to him. He knew that what they meant it for evil God meant it for good to preserve their lives. Pharaoh allowed Joseph’s brothers and his father to live in Egypt.


Personal Journaling

Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

Group Discussion

Question 1:

Review the journaling questions. What did you learn through your personal journaling? 


Question 2: 

Have you ever felt that your relationship with God was broken? How do you think God responds when we’re the ones keeping the relationship from being reconciled? Would He ever force reconciliation and be angry with us or does He lovingly give us the space to choose?


Sync Your Life with What You've Learned

Hold yourself accountable for reconciliation. At the beginning of next week, we are going to review how our attempt at reconciliation went. You don’t need to achieve full reconciliation this week - just make the first step. 

God intends everything for good


Extra Resources

Scripture: Re-read Joseph’s full story in the Bible. Genesis: Chapter 37-44 and 45-50 (NIV).


React to the lesson