Be an Agent of Change

There is a great need for change in our world today. There is brokenness, conflict, pain, and hurt all around us. Jesus is our only hope. Through Him, we are able to bring about real and lasting change. But are we willing to count the cost?

In Luke 13:18-21, Jesus compared the kingdom of God to a mustard seed. When planted, this smallest of seeds grows so big and strong that even birds are able to perch on its branches. Jesus then compared the kingdom of God to leaven (an obscure material) that expands bread from the inside out, respectively.

This is the kind of change God wants to bring in the lives of those around us: health and growth. He wants to use us to affect the lives of those around us. Bringing another person to Christ and discipling him or her may seem like a small thing, but God brings about the multiplication. God impacts the world through small beginnings. Think about the change that can occur when the person you discipled goes out to disciple another person, and then that person goes on to disciple another person, and then another and another.

Verses 22-30 go on to tell us that as Jesus went around teaching, he was asked by someone if only a few are going to be saved. He responded by saying that we should make every effort to enter through the narrow door because many will try to enter and not be able to. He then compared it to an owner of a house who eventually closed the door. When someone wanted to get in, it was too late. When there was weeping because the person was left out.

This should help us understand the urgency for not only getting ourselves right with God, but also helping others do the same. No one knows how long we have on this earth. God’s door is open for us now, but when we die, that door closes. If we want to be change agents in this world, we must recognize the necessity of helping others come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The following principles show how God’s kingdom grows:

  1. Bear fruit by accepting God’s rule in your life.
  2. Be God’s change agent by starting simple gospel conversations and see what God can do in your sphere of influence. 
  3. Understand the urgency of sharing the gospel now, as the lost are perishing every day.