Helping the Lost Find Life

There are many ways to reach those who are lost without Christ. One way is to simply go to someone’s house and ask them if they need prayer. This can lead to an open door to share the gospel. Consider this true story:

Mark was asked by one of his spiritual leaders if he would take a Hispanic, church-planting pastor to go knock on doors in an area where people might attend his church. When they got to their first door, a lady answered who had a “deer in the headlights” look on her face. Mark quickly began to wonder why he was doing this. But after he caught his breath, he told her that he and his friend were out enjoying the beautiful day and wanted to ask her if she had any personal or family needs that they could pray for.

She mentioned that she had some stints put it, and so they all prayed for those stints to be effective. As the conversation continued, she began to trust Mark more and he had the opportunity to share the gospel with her.

At the same time, Mark’s prayer partner noticed another man standing in the driveway next door. He went to go speak with him as well.

Both these individuals came to know Christ as their Savior that day.

Sometimes all we have to do is go out and talk to someone about their needs, and they will open up to hearing about the gospel. So, why are we often so hesitant to share our faith? Maybe it’s due to fear of rejection or fear of what someone will think about us. Or perhaps we are afraid of what we will say. Whatever the reason, God is calling all of us to lay those excuses down and go help the lost find life in Him.

You don’t have to prayer knock like Mark did, but God may want you to share the gospel with co-worker, neighbor, parent, grandparent, or friend.

Let’s follow the example of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, in being willing to leave the 99 behind to find the one who is lost (Luke 15:3-7).