How Community Ministry Opens Doors to Share the Gospel

Someone once said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. If we are to share the gospel with our communities, they need to know that we care about them and their needs.

An example of a ministry that exemplifies this is Christ for the City. This organization has a multi-faceted mission in Costa Rica called “Transformations.” The mission is based in the San Jose slum of Guararí where drugs, prostitution, and gangs are rampant.

“Transformations” is dedicated to offering the people of Guararí, (many of whom are illegal Nicaraguan immigrants) a chance to experience the transforming power of Christ. They feed children, offer tutoring and after-school programs, play sports with the youth, teach adult sewing and art classes, and lead Bible studies.

However, not everyone appreciates what they are doing. Hugo, the director of this ministry, was physically attacked and slandered recently by neighbors who sought control and wanted him to stop ministering in the neighborhood. But this hasn’t stopped him. God gave his team the victory over this persecution, and they gave God the glory for the transformation happening in the lives of children, youth, and adults.

There is a need for a community ministry like this in every city. No city is exempt from brokenness, abuse, the tearing apart of families, crime, etc. We cannot just expect that the community will come to the church for healing. We need to go to them!

Meeting people where they are at can provide people hope and rescue them from drugs, prostitution, gangs, sexual abuse, among other things.

One of Hugo’s goals is to send out teams and equip people in other “needy” neighborhoods to do what he’s been doing. Will you answer the call to help evangelize those outside the church? Will they know how much you care about them before you even share the Good News? Consider the following questions:
1. What is God saying to you concerning a ministry in the community?
2. How does God want you to minister based on your background, passion and gifts?
3. Where does God want you to focus your ministry?